Ricky Gervais appears to be reacting after the trashes of Stewart Lee's afterlife, he said. 

Ricky Gervais responds to funnyman Stewart Lee's review of his Netflix series After Life.

Streaming before The Office creator's behind-the-scenes comedy-drama premiered its third and final season.

In an interview with Rob Brydon for his podcast Brydon's End, Lee described the afterlife as "bottomless".

While Ricky apparently didn't accept the joke, he tweeted (September 10) Watch Afterlife Now streaming worldwide on Netflix.

With this communication, he participated in a clip from the series in which his character Tony calls someone with rough and messy hair.

Gervais also "liked" several posts about Lee, including one in which someone described Lee as "now-be-funny".

His comments about the afterlife actually make him look like a sad, bitter existence which is actually true.

Lee's new stage-up show, Basic Lee, will take place at the Leicester Theater in London on 16 September. You can easily watch After Life on Netflix.

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